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Optimus 8r Camp Stove

The Optimus 8 r is a medium-sized Camp Stove that is built to last, it's facile to operate, and it results in more fuel efficiency than traditional Camp stoves. The 8 r also features a built-in heater and a variety features to make it basic to use.

Vintage Optimus Camp Stove

This ancient Camp Stove is manufactured of tired and is almost all that is left of the Optimus line of Stove following, it is not a responsible investment and should not be used for anything other than completing you until you can afford to buy a quality stove. The Optimus gas camping Stove is a classic design that is still in use today, this Stove is manufactured in and is still a top value at this price. It imparts a heavy-duty pyrex glass top and is fabricated for long use, the 8 r model offers a large cooking area and is first-rate for a large camping trip. This Camp Stove is manufactured in and is a first-class alternative assuming that wanting for a small, efficient and affordable Camp stove, it presents a compact design that will fit in any kitchen without taking up a lot of space, and the pistons are electric which makes it even more efficient and effortless to use. This Camp Stove also features an armstrong providence symbol, the Optimus 8 r and 99 camping Stove are enticing for windshield stainless steel camping. They have a sturdy build and an easy-to-read display, the Optimus 8 r also features a durable stainless steel construction that will last. They are also covered in an easy-to-repaircopper color.