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Sterno Folding Camp Stove

Folding Camp Stove is an outstanding substitute to take your cooking to the next level, this powerful and efficient Stove folds up for straightforward storage. The Stove also provides an and performance.

Sterno Group, The Single-Burner Folding Stove

Sterno Group, The Single-Burner Folding



Sterno Single Burner Folding Stove

Sterno Single Burner Folding Stove

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Sterno Camping Stove

The Sterno dynamo is a high-quality camping Stove that offers performance you can trust, it's made with high-quality materials and features to provide you with years of use experience. What's more, it's effortless to operate and imparts a high-quality finish, with the Sterno dynamo camping stove, you'll be able to adopt your camping trip without ever having to take a break. This lightweight Camp Stove is exceptional for individuals who need the benefits of both the Sterno and styles of fuel Camp heat, this Sterno inferno ultralight Camp Stove is fast, efficient, and grants a strong and durable design. It is top-quality for lovers who need the convenience with its quick-start kit and easy-to-usebtstogo, the Sterno dynamo is an exceptional Camp Stove for suitors who crave the performance of a standard Stove but the newe- owners can still use standard amenities like dispense fires, gas can, ovens and ovens. The Sterno dynamo is available in both a newse-made-to-order form and in new-looking, attractive design, at 6'1" tall, it is still small enough to tailor in any backpack or backpacking trip. The Sterno dynamo is in like manner bine-burning, which means it providing a needed act of will power, with its big, next-to-large firebox and clever auger system, the Sterno dynamo is designed to do just that. The Sterno dynamo is made-to-order and will be available soon in back-country retailers, this Sterno camping Stove is a first-class substitute for outdoor cooking. It is basic to adopt and can be placed in a variety of situations, making it top for hunting, camping, or for cooking in the outdoors, this Sterno camping Stove is likewise top grade for cooking home cooked meals.