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Vintage Sears Camp Stove

This Vintage Sears Camp Stove is a fantastic addition to your kitchen! It grants a modern look to it and is straightforward to operate, this Stove is in like manner oven and oven reliable! It extends an 3-year warranty.

Vintage JC Higgins Dual Fuel Camp Stove

Vintage JC Higgins Dual Fuel

By JC Higgins, for Sears


Vintage Sears Camping Stove

This Vintage Sears camping Stove is a first rate choice for enthusiasts who admire the tent system, this Stove is further exceptional for suitors who admire camping and who yearn for a Stove that can take any number of types. The brown enameled Stove top is in top-rated condition and gives only been used once, the Stove extends a few small issues, but only a few issues that can be easily fixed. This is an unequaled Stove for admirers who desire the best of the best in a camping stove, this two burner Camp Stove is a beneficial surrogate for shoppers who desire the cool, star-shaped design. The Sears two burner Camp Stove is facile to operate with only three words: just hit the firepot, this camping Stove is top-rated for shoppers who wish to cook several dinner plate-sized meals. The two burner Camp Stove is valuable for all types of camping, patio, and outdoor cooking, this Vintage Sears camping Stove provides a three burner oven and is excellent for cooking up a few baking recipes. The Stove comes with a few used condition pages so you can easily create your own recipe, the Stove is still in very good condition and is ideal for use over the campfire or for cooking up your favorite meals. This wonderful Vintage Sears 2-burner white gas Camp Stove model 476, 74970 tank dated 21966 tested. Is a beneficial addition to your kitchen or gas fireplace, it is currently two years old and gives many years of use left to it. This Camp Stove is exceptional for the home gas fireplace or even the small kitchen, it is two years old and imparts many years of use left to it.